Nutritional Coaching

Working with you in person, or online, your nutrition consultation very much focuses on your education as there is so much conflicting information out there. Whether you are looking to lose body fat, have health concerns or a condition. Nutrition should always be your first port of call as nutrition provides the building blocks of what we are.

Eating the right foods for you, as everybody is different, provides us with all that we need to be healthy. Getting the right mix and amounts of nutrients gives our bodies the tools or the right fuel mixture for it to do what it’s programmed for, getting us to be at our best.

Your approach to nutrition here will not involve fad or temporary diets. Eating this way does not teach us anything about food and how it interacts with our bodies long term. Therefore you often find when coming off these diets and reverting back to your regular eating pattern, you end up back at square one. Either more weight gain or a previous condition returning. Unfortunately a familiar story for many

Restrictive diets also unbalance the metabolism also hormones and they lack necessary nutrients that long term often lead you to more problems.

A good diet should be practical, sustainable and provide all the nutrients we need. This enables us to build, heal and recover from daily stressors.

There are many variations of good wholefood diets out there but the most important thing is to find which mixture of foods works best for you as our bodies all have different requirements and process foods in different ways. Because a food is nutritious and wholesome is doesn’t necessarily mean it will work well for you. This is one of the major keys to good health, finding the right fuel mixture to help your body perform and feel its best.

You will have a strong emphasis placed on digestion and the digestive system. This needs to be working efficiently in order to absorb the nutrients maximally, so it has to be the first step. 

80% of the immune system resides in the digestive tract so from a health perspective this is a very important organ. Think of the number of auto-immune disorders currently upon us from which most stem from an imbalanced or dysfunctional digestive system. 

You will have a 7 day dietary diary analysis along with your health history and lifestyle. No shortcuts or fads as finding out your specific diet requires specific information and this is gathered over time to get things right. This enables me to work out your program of foods and/or supplements if needed to get you to your best. Whether you are looking for weight loss, fitness or to manage or improve a health concern.

You also receive a sample week guideline meal plan with meals, recipes and grocery list. This takes into account your weight, health and lifestyle goals. Giving you a template as a  guide for now and into the future.

My goal for you is to always make you nutritionally aware of how the foods and products that you put into or on your body interacts with you. Plus why they can improve or damage your wellbeing.  By giving you the tools and information, with continued support to help you learn and understand about the foods you eat, you can go forward with the knowledge of knowing what foods work best for you to meet all your challenges for good health whatever they may be.

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